About us

Founded in 1993, Optima Global Health is known for its flagship integrated workplace health and wellness approach. Our innovative programs and services help companies reduce their absenteeism-related costs and improve the health of their employees and their organization.

Through our specialization in prevention, intervention and postvention, we help workers in all fields maintain or recover their health, both physical and psychological.

Our holistic health and wellness approach reflects our ongoing drive for innovation. It has been at the heart of our culture and mission, guiding our organization’s development for the past 20 years. This integrated expertise helps us act efficiently at all levels: awareness and training, employee assistance program, manager and union representative support, disability support, early intervention, rehabilitation, healthy lifestyle habit integration, etc.

From coast to coast, Optima Global Health closely monitors the physical and psychological health of close to 1,000,000 Canadian employees.

Integrated Workplace Health
and Wellness Approach

Optima Global Health integrates health and wellness related disciplines in the workplace. Our unique approach increases results:

  • Improved organizational and employee health
  • Considerable reduction in absenteeism related costs
  • Reduction in the number and duration of disability cases
  • Controlling the increase in insurance premiums
  • Significant return on investment

Our integrated approach - 20 years of innovation

Our philosophy

The comprehensive health concept, which is at the heart of our philosophy, goes well beyond employees’ mental and physical health. This concept also integrates our clients’ organizational and financial health by considering related issues: efficiency, productivity, profitability, proactivity and innovation.

To take into account the concerns and needs of all parties (insurer, market intermediary, policyholder, employee), we have developed a 360° service offering. This holistic approach allows us to play a pivotal role and to harmonize issues related to health, business and finance.

Outstanding results

A study conducted in Canada and the United States, in collaboration with the Integrated Benefits Institute (IBI), showed that the return on investment from an employee assistance program could increase from 115% to 400% when combined with other programs, prevention tools, or, even better, an early intervention and disability management program.

Furthermore, our analyses show that disability duration decreases on average by nearly 30% when our prevention and disability management services are combined with our employee assistance and early intervention programs.

Being state-of-the-art

In fulfilling its role of partner, Optima Global Health goes beyond service delivery and takes an analytical look at the evolution of the work world.

Our advisory committee, made up of recognized experts and business people, allows us to identify emerging trends and problems in order to adapt our offerings and issue recommendations to our partners, based on the most recent research.

Our Partners

Over the years, Optima Global Health has developed alliances with various Canadian organizations in many spheres of activity. Its main partners are:

Novus Health is Canada's leader in health navigation. Since 2006, the company has been helping organizations navigate the complex and ever-changing Canadian Health Care System. Novus Health helps members understand their provincial and private health plans, locate doctors, find health resources, obtain reliable information on conditions and treatments as well as a number of other valuable online and telephone services.

As a unique national consortium of experienced regional companies, Voc Rehab Canada (VRCAN) provides customers with single-point access to high quality vocational rehabilitation services anywhere they are needed in Canada.

AIM Health Group is a fully integrated health care company that provides comprehensive health care services and solutions for patients, health care providers, corporate clients concerned about occupational health, hospitals and other institutional providers of health care and pharmaceutical companies. AIM Health Group provides services to individuals that are ill, injured, or disabled, and to individuals requiring life style interventions to improve their quality of life (wellness).

Since its founding in 1995, Bourassa Brodeur Bellemare has diligently applied principles of improvement and innovation to its human resources management interventions. Consequently, the variety of services offered in this exciting, innovative field is based on solid expertise and increasingly sophisticated methods.

Its multidisciplinary team includes psychologists, guidance counsellors, valuation consultants and human resource advisors, all of whom are members of duly recognized professional orders. Eager to create a veritable partnership with customers, each team member applies the company’s values of commitment, transparency and rigour when accomplishing his or her mandates.

Regardless of the HR solution implemented within the organization, customer satisfaction is the foundation of Bourassa Brodeur Bellemare’s activities. On purpose, the company actively participates in the development of individuals and the growth of its client organizations.

Created in 2004 as a non-profit organization called the Preventive Health Advocacy Group, the Healthy Enterprises Group supports companies in integrating best practices in workplace global health (physical and psychological) to promote individual health and company competitiveness, contributing thereby to the vitality of Quebec's economy.

A driving force behind the creation of the "Healthy Enterprises" standard and process, the Group acts as a spokesperson for companies with regard to matters of workplace global health and, as such, is the privileged interlocutor with government bodies.