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A new partnership with GASQ

Optima Global Health and Gestion Avantages Sociaux Québec Inc. (GASQ) have recently established a new business partnership introducing the Health Benefits program.

Designed for GASQ clients, Health Benefits is a participatory workplace global health program that encourages individual empowerment through self-management with assistance and support from appropriate professionals.

Health Benefits helps prevent absenteeism and disability, and aims to improve employee wellness by addressing short-term problems. It is intended to curb escalating costs and to reduce the negative impact that work stoppages have on the self esteem of employees dealing with health problems.

Aimed at preventing and resolving disabilities and at maintaining new lifestyle habits that preserve an individual’s health and wellness, Health Benefits relies on an integrated prevention, intervention and postvention approach.

For GASQ, Optima Global Health’s expertise in debilitating physical and psychological problems and its knowledge of employer and employee concerns have allowed it to develop this 360° program that guarantees organizations a concrete and sustainable return on investment.