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SSQ Financial Group continues to deploy new programs

Currently, among insurers, there is a tendency to move towards a consultative approach that favours telephone contact. This reality was a turning point in SSQ Financial Group’s decision to replace, after a 20-year relationship, its main provider, Solareh, with Optima Global Health’s assistance services.

Health Support and the Employee Assistance Program, which are geared towards SSQ clients, were officially launched on April 1. They aim to improve workplace health and wellness, solve short-term physical and psychological problems and prevent absenteeism within organizations. The Health Support service enables managers to refer a person to professional help and, in this way, help him regain his quality of life.

This range of services fully meets SSQ’s customer demands because it provides fast telephone interventions, for either individual problems or crisis management. This approach gives the counsellor the opportunity to observe the insured’s problems and see if it is possible to go further.

“It is proven that the return on investment from an employee assistance program can increase from 115% to 400% when combined with other programs, prevention tools or an early intervention and disability management program1”, commented Mr. François Laflamme, President of Optima Global Health. For SSQ and its 200,000 policyholders, the integrated approach proposed by Optima Global Health represents both a very interesting path and an obvious choice.

1 Data from the Integrated Benefits Institute