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The advisory committee is a go.

On October 17, members of the advisory committee formed by Optima Global Health met for the first time to focus on issues related to workplace health and wellness and their impact on the various entities that were represented at the table.

The committee, chaired by Mr. Louis Hébert, includes insurers, researchers, market intermediaries, representatives from different-sized businesses, unions and workplace health and wellness stakeholders. This initial meeting allowed members to get to know each other and to discuss the upcoming introduction of the Canadian National Standard for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace.

It was agreed that the direction of the committee’s work will be clarified on the basis of the members’ contributions and the objectives they will set together during the meetings planned throughout 2013. In creating this committee, Optima Global Health ardently wishes to contribute to improving health and wellness in the workplace by creating a multifaceted debate as part of an integrated approach to the subject.

The advisory committee comprises:

Mr Louis Hébert
President of the Optima Global Health Advisory Committee

Mr François Laflamme
President of Optima Global Health

Mr Jean Samson
President of Samson Groupe Conseil

Mr Marcel Aubin
President of Groupe SDA.3

Mrs Julie Ménard
Professor and Researcher in the Department of Psychology at UQAM

Mrs Marie-Claude Pelletier
Chief Executive Officer of Healthy Enterprises Group

Mrs Lucie Cormier
Senior Director, Disability Insurance, Desjardins Financial Security

Mr André Fortin
President, FTQ CEP Local 167, Olin Canada ULC

Mr Charles A. Coutu
Regional Director, Human Resources, Cascades