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Video clips for SAQ managers

In an effort to provide training and foster prevention, the Société des alcools du Québec (SAQ) retained the services of Optima Global Health to create two video clips on alcohol addiction. The first deals with identifying the issue at the workplace, while the second focuses on intervention with an employee who has an addition to alcohol.

Although managers already have tools to support them in their work, these video clips will help them learn more about the signs, symptoms and consequences as well as about available resources and ways to help an employee who is faced with this kind of problem.

In addition to the dynamic clips, managers received a reference document that summarizes the information in the clips and provides some additional information.

Managers recognize that the new training tool offers real benefits, and the reaction to it has been very positive. Directors are currently spreading the information and proposing training days so that all managers in the SAQ network can benefit from it.

Click here for an example of the Optima Global Health videos.