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Mental Health Works is a Canadian Mental Health Association program.

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The CMHA is one of the oldest volunteer organizations in Canada.

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Frequently asked questions

Employee assistance program (EAP)

A manager can contact the EAP for support at anytime, as many times as he wants.

All employees covered by the program and their dependants.

The employee assistance program is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The EAP covers North America, including Canada from coast to coast.

The EAP counsellors are professionals who are members of a recognized order or association, and who hold professional liability insurance.

The counsellor, together with an EAP manager, will evaluate whether or not it is necessary to increase the employee’s number of consultation hours. If necessary, additional hours will be offered to the employee.

Absolutely. This is a confidential service wherein anyone who wishes to remain anonymous my do so. Each of our counsellors is subject to a code of ethics requiring them to respect confidentiality and professional privilege. The immediate supervisor is never informed of their employee’s use of the service.

It is possible to receive a service in person, by phone or by Skype as well as in several languages.

It is recommended to telephone the EAP as quickly as possible to talk with our crisis management counsellors. We will then evaluate the situation and, if necessary, send counsellors on site to support employees and the employer.

Simply send us the counsellor’s contact information so that we can ascertain that he meets certain criteria that would allow him to be part of our pool of counsellors. If needed, the customer can use his services as part of the EAP.

It is possible, once the number of meetings authorized by the EAP has been reached, to continue the process with the same counsellor. This is what we call “self-referral”.

As part of the EAP, it is possible to talk about almost anything. This could be about a simple worry or more important issues such as relationship problems, work relationships, interpersonal conflicts, family problems, anxiety, insomnia, depression, domestic violence, addiction, etc.

The EAP also allows employees to talk about various physical health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, weight loss, etc.

By contacting us about this incompatibility, we will be able to evaluate the situation and, if needed, suggest another counsellor to the customer.

First call the EAP, which takes approximately 10 minutes during which a professional will note the customer’s contact information and request. Any urgent request is sent directly to a counsellor. If the request is not urgent, a counsellor will call within 24 to 48 hours after the request is received to schedule a first appointment. At the end of each session, the counsellor will set the date and time of the next meeting with the customer.

Yes, an hour of legal or financial advice is offered through the program.

Yes. Optima Global Health offers numerous workshops, training sessions and conferences that meet its customers’ needs and that deal with various wellness topics. Click here to view the list of our activities.

Disability support

This information is confidential; however, you are entitled to know about the physical limitations that prevent your employee from resuming work, as well as those requiring an accommodation.

Although a gradual increase in workload is, in some cases, a rehabilitation measure that allows for a faster return to work, the employer is not obliged to provide this if the negative impact on work is deemed excessive. However, the benefits and inconveniences of such a measure must be evaluated with the disability support counsellor.

You must first check with the employee (or the disability support counsellor) if an extended absence is realistic. The employee is required to justify any changes to this order.

No. If you notice that an employee’s health is deteriorating or that an employee is increasingly absent, you can recommend our services even if he is not on work stoppage.

Each case is unique. The disability support counsellor will guide you depending on your employee’s situation. Any return to work must be prepared, but does not always require an official meeting. You must, however, make sure that you, or the employee’s manager, are available to meet him on his first day back to work and inform him of his duties.

You can ask him to have his condition evaluated by your disability support counsellor, a physician specialized in occupational health or a medical specialist.

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