Determining the ROI for a company wellness program: the importance of establishing a weighted scale

The advisory committee formed by Optima Global Health met for the second time at the beginning of May. The meeting allowed members to discuss measures to enable small, medium and large businesses to understand and recognize the concrete benefits of an employee wellness program.

Although a large number of entrepreneurs are sensitive to their employees’ welfare, a wellness program’s return on investment remains difficult to assess. For this reason, several have delayed implementing such programs within their organization.

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Press Review

ROI on wellness programs needed
to bolster delivery of diverse benefits

By Claudine Kapel, Canadian HR Reporter

Although it is logical to think that healthy and productive employees play a crucial role in a company’s growth, some people remain sceptical about the importance of a company investing in employee wellness. Is there an actual return on investment? This article demonstrates a few interesting statistics about the impact of programs centred on employee wellness and the way they can help companies increase performance.

Nine Reasons Why Wellness Works

By Larry S. Chapman, CFO

The imperfections of the current healthcare system mean that costs related to absenteeism and professional illnesses will continue to increase. For this reason, many companies prefer to implement an employee wellness program within the organization and also want to obtain a positive return on the investment. This very interesting article explains nine reasons why wellness programs work and how they contribute to a clear return on investment.

4 ways to de-stress and help your heart

By Dr. Mike Roizen and Dr. Mehmet Oz, The Star

New researches show that stress can increase the risk of heart problems by 27% due to the powerful effects it has on your heart health. Discover the telling results of this research and four ways you can reduce stress on a daily basis.

“Is your job killing you?”
Tough health questions about workaholism

By Dr. James Aw, National Post

Professional dedication can be both positive and negative. When pushed to extremes, it becomes dangerous for your health and can lead to serious health problems.This very interesting article shows us how work can remain a source of inspiration and satisfaction in our lives and not an unhealthy addiction.

Canadian Tour

To highlight its 20th anniversary, Optima Global Health is organizing events across Canada from September to November 2013. Open to continuing education units (CEU), each event will be in conference…

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$71,635 for YMW youth

For the third consecutive year, Optima Global Health co-hosted the golf tournament benefiting Young Musicians of the World (YMW) on June 10. The tournament’s 156 participants…

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Major Sponsor of the Défi Vélo Desjardins

Optima Global Health will participate as principal sponsor of the Défi Vélo Desjardins on August 24 in La Mauricie National Park. Its team of cyclists will join the race to raise money for the Fondation Desjardins…

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Assumption Life chooses Optima Global Health

While sales in the Canadian life insurance industry are sluggish or down, Assumption Life set new records and continues to grow in all markets…

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SSQ Financial Group continues to deploy new programs

Currently, among insurers, there is a tendency to move towards a consultative approach that favours telephone contact. This reality was a turning point in SSQ Financial Group’s decision…

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