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The advantages of promoting health in the workplace

In the current economic climate, employers face many challenges in ensuring the success of their organization. To compete in a globalized market, they must increase their company’s productivity and reduce their operating costs, among other things.

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Press Review

Vacation is good for employee’s health

Benefits Canada

Although we may believe that everyone uses all of their eligible vacation time, in the United States, the average employee uses only half of their vacation days. Among those who do take a vacation, 60% continue to do some work, 25% are contacted by a manager and 20% are contacted by a colleague. This article reveals the true benefits—both physical and psychological—of taking time away from the job.


Financial stress driving absenteeism: Survey

Canadian HRReporter

Business wellness plans continue to grow in popularity, but businesses are increasingly turning to insurers for the nuts and bolts of their fitness programs, a new survey found. The article argues that the most effective wellness strategy incorporates coaching into the range of services for employees. Read the article for more inside info!


How the myth of "more and faster" is killing productivity

Financial Post

We sometimes spend more time at work in an effort to be more productive and gain some personal satisfaction, yet it has been proven that we can improve our productivity and increase our happiness by slowing down. Although the trend is to do more and do it faster at work, research shows that that is not the best strategy. Discover more about the most common myths—and the truth behind them—about productivity.


Employee sick time, wait times among Eastern Health problems

The Telegram

This real example from Eastern Health in Newfoundland and Labrador outlines the challenges linked to absenteeism and the trouble organizations have in finding competent replacements for employees who are absent. The article also identifies several factors that can help us adopt a preventive strategy and reduce the risk factors.

Assumption Life launches the Health Focus program

Assumption Life launched its Health Focus program in June. As you may know, their decision to call on Optima Global Health to create the program was made in July 2013.

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Novus Health–Optima Global Health partnership seduces Desjardins Insurance

Active for over two years now and having gone through some changes these last few months, the collaboration between Novus Health and Optima Global Health is bearing fruit. In March, Desjardins Insurance…

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Video clips for SAQ managers

In an effort to provide training and foster prevention, the Société des alcools du Québec (SAQ) retained the services of Optima Global Health to create two video clips on alcohol addiction.

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Sponsor of the CLHIA walk

The Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association (CLHIA) organized a walk last April 30 intended to foster awareness of the benefits of physical activity. Optima Global Health is proud to have sponsored and participated in the event, which is perfectly in line with…

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$133,500 for Revivre

Revivre held the 7th edition of its Donnez le goût de Revivre fundraising event on May 21. Optima Global Health is proud to be a new silver sponsor of the event and to have helped raise more than…

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