Specialized Services

Optima Global Health provides companies, insurers and market intermediaries with solid programs and services based on the current reality of the workworld. These are specially designed to meet each participant’s expectations and respond to their health and wellness concerns.

Our experienced team can support your organization in the following fields of expertise:

Rehabilitation and disability support

These programs and services guarantee support to organizations and individuals regarding the physical and psychological rehabilitation of employees. Offered mostly in the form of additional professional assistance, they help curb escalating costs and reduce the impact of absenteeism within organizations, as well as control or slow the increase in insurance premiums.



Preventive global health and wellness

Thanks to our expertise in work stoppage-related problems, our prevention services interventions are distinguished in their diversity and efficiency. The Health Enterprises Group reports that each dollar invested in health programs that improve healthy lifestyle habits generates up to $5 in productivity gains in the five years following their launch. Investing in employee health and wellness is good for everybody!



Integrated approach

Our integrated workplace health and wellness approach reflects our ongoing drive for innovation. It helps us act efficiently at all levels: awareness and training, employee assistance program, manager and union representative support, disability support, early intervention, rehabilitation, healthy lifestyle habit integration, etc. This approach has proven its worth and provides a significant return on investment.

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Human Resources Services

Our partners

For organizations, managers and employees to fully benefit from Optima Global Health’s prevention, support and help services, it’s critical to have a network of professional and reliable partners.

In addition to insurers and market intermediaries who chose us for their clientele, we have forged alliances with Canadian organizations active in various fields. Together, these include, among others: