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A global approach to innovative healthcare

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Optima Global Health Rehabilitation offers an innovative approach that includes both health solutions for employees and support solutions for human ressource managers and professionals.

The RHinno approach is a proven success and achieves a substantial return on investment.

RHinno offers three plans, which all help to:

  • Improve employee health and wellness
  • Reduce the number and duration of disability leave cases
  • Considerably lower the costs related to absenteeism
  • Keep the growth of insurance premiums in check
  • Faciliate internal management of disabilityt claims

RHinno Global

The RHinno Global plan offers the essential services of our innovative comprehensive health approach.
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Its two key components are designed to help achieve optimum results: an Employee Assistance Program (EAP), which includes corporate services, and support in case of disability.

Our innovative EAP, tailored to both the employee and the employer, focuses on the short-term resolution of physical or psychological problems that can lead to absenteeism. The following table compares the various services offered by the program.

We proactively manage new disability cases through our disability support component. This guidance and follow-up service, during which we report directly to the employer, helps to reduce absenteeism and curb rising costs within the organization.

RHinno Plus

RHinno Plus offers the services included in RHinno Global, plus our Health Profile and our managerial coaching services for disability claims.
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Our Health Profile is designed to help employees take charge of their health and lifestyle habits to prevent illness and protect their well-being. More specifically, they have the opportunity to complete an online questionnaire relating to various health matters. The statistics produced can then be used by the employer to identify the main problems faced by the employees who filled out the questionnaire. In the medium term, the Health Profile often leads to an improvement in employees’ health and a reduction in the amount of medication and health care they require.

The purpose of the managerial coaching services for disability claims is to provide the organization with the advice and tools needed to best manage such files. This type of support ensures claims are settled more quickly and easily.

RHinno Premium

RHinno Premium is our most complete plan. Companies who choose this combination of services benefit from numerous additional advantages thanks to our early intervention and disability insurance case management.

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Our early intervention services are designed for complex disability files. They include immediate and thorough follow-up for those employees most in need. This approach is undeniably beneficial from both a financial and a human point of view, and provides maximum return on investment.

Furthermore, by managing the salary insurance plan, we free the company from virtually all the associated tasks and responsibilities. Our specialists take all the necessary steps to coordinate and communicate with both the insurance company and the employee.