Health education activities

Education and awareness play a key role in workplace health and wellness. Our health education activities are offered at excellent prices to encourage accessibility. Each of them can be adapted to the organizations’ specific needs and topics can also be developed upon request.


Presented by nurses or other health specialists with different backgrounds (physical or psychosocial health) our booths allow on the spot educational and prevention interventions. Topics are:

  • Physical activity in all its variety
  • Let’s discover new foods
  • The healthy lunchbox
  • Let’s uncover hidden fats and sugars
  • Let’s uncover hidden salts
  • Super-foods battle cholesterol
  • Sports nutrition
  • Energizing drinks

  • Let’s visit a grocery store
  • The health wheel
  • The Smoothies Bar
    (price on demand)
  • The Healthy golfer
    (price on demand)
  • Etc.

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Physical condition evaluation clinic

This clinical evaluation of one’s physical condition requires a minimum of 3 consecutive hours and takes approximately 45 minutes per participant. This evaluation checks aerobic capacity, back muscles, torso muscles strength and body composition. On top of individual counseling, the
in-house kinesiologist measures VO2 max using the modified Canadian Aerobic Fitness Test (mCAFT), back extensors, partial sit-ups, arm extensors, forward flexion of the torso and measures your waist as well.

Group lessons

We also offer group lessons in a number of disciplines. Here are a few examples:

  • Stretch your horizon with elastic bands (additional costs if we supply one elastic band per participant)
  • Aerobic dance
    (Bootcamp and Zumba)
  • Home training… fun and easy!
  • Yoga
  • The Pilates method: tonus and flexibility
  • Tai-chi: healthy mind,
    healthy body

  • Laughter Yoga
  • Etc.

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Online health challenge “DÉFI GO Santé!MC

Generate enthusiasm throughout the enterprise for a month. At the beginning of the week, registered participants get their surprise challenge in a video clip. The challenge includes online access to a virtual HQ, challenges explained in humorous video clips, a promotional poster in PDF format and each participant gets online access to his team’s results updated in real time. Each challenge comes with its downloadable memento.

“Healthy cooking” challenge

You are challenged to come up with the best healthy recipe ever.
Using a predefined chart the participants must choose a recipe from their repertoire, one they feel will come closest to the healthiest criteria. They then submit it to our nutritionist judge. After analyzing the recipes entered into the contest, our nutritionist will decide on a winning recipe for which the author(s) will be awarded a prize. A compendium of employee recipes can then be compiled.

“1, 2, 3, walk!” challenge

Participants receive a pedometer that they must wear every day for a week. A name will be drawn between all those who maintained an average of 10,000 steps, which is the magic number to obtain to be considered a person with an active lifestyle.