“Healthy Enterprise” Certification

Optima Global Health and its partners can assist companies wishing to obtain the “Healthy Enterprise” certification by speeding up the process and ensuring that all requirements are met. Several stages are involved, including management training, committee work and implementation.

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Program description (Source: BNQ)

The “Healthy Enterprise” certification program is intended for all types of enterprises and organizations, regardless of size and product provided, and aims to recognize organizational practices that promote a healthy workplace.

The program, based on a standard developed by the Bureau de normalisation du Québec called Prevention, Promotion and Organizational Practices for Health in the Workplace [BNQ 9700-800], was created as a result of an initiative by The Healthy Enterprises Group.

The Healthy Enterprises Group is a not-for-profit organization that delivers tools, services, resources and information to employers who are interested in best practices and the Healthy Enterprise standard and who wish to implement and maintain a structured approach of prevention, promotion and organizational practices contributing to workplace health for their employees.

The benefits of certification

Certification aims to maintain and continually improve the well-being of persons in the workplace by:

  • integrating the value of people’s health into the corporate management process;
  • creating conditions that will encourage employees to take control of their health;
  • enabling employees to acquire healthy lifestyle habits and maintaining a healthy workplace.

The certification program takes into account the “health and quality of life” principles outlined in the Sustainable Development Act.

Investing in health promotion

According to The Healthy Enterprises Group, it pays to invest in health programs that focus on promoting healthy lifestyle and workplace habits. Statistics show that every dollar paid out for such programs yields up to five dollars in productivity gains in the first five years after such programs are introduced. Studies reveal that:

  • eliminating a single health risk for an employee increases productivity at work by 9% and reduces absenteeism by 2%;
  • a physically active employee is 12% more productive than a sedentary employee;
  • a smoking employee costs a company $3,150 more per year than a non-smoking employee.

Young people entering the labour market today attach a great deal more importance to health and work-life balance than previous generations.

The “Healthy Enterprise” certification enables companies to publicly demonstrate their commitment to maintaining and promoting the health of their workforce and, over time, use it as an effective tool to retain staff and attract new employees.