Medical evaluations

For several years, the health system has experienced increasing difficulty in adequately meeting the needs of the population. In addition, some health services that are highly useful to organizations are not even available through the public health system.

For these reasons, Optima Global Health provides organizations with highly professional medical services that help evaluate employee health from a prevention standpoint and guide people at risk for developing a health problem.

Preventative health assessment by
a private-practice physician

This health assessment includes a review of the member’s medical/family history, medical questionnaire and full physical exam, basic blood chemistry and urinalysis, and resting ECG for employees over the age of 50.

The customized follow-up for people at risk is managed by our team of nurses specialized in lifestyle habit changes.

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Annual preventive health evaluation

This health evaluation includes measuring height, weight, waste line, blood pressure and BMI, reviewing medical history, current medication and medical condition assessment and blood tests.
A confidential follow-up meeting is then planned to reveal the test results and the individual action plan. The customized follow-up for people at risk is managed by our team of nurses who are specialized in lifestyle habit changes. A statistical global health evaluation for all employees, which includes preventive health recommendations, is submitted to the employer.
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