Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

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Optim’assist is an innovative employee assistance program centred on the short-term resolution of physical and psychological problems.

The interventions, which include financial and legal consultation, are done over the phone, online, in person or using a combination of these options.

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Thanks to Optima Global Health’s expertise in work-stoppage related problems and our knowledge of employer concerns, our employee assistance program sets itself apart through its diverse and efficient interventions.

Our 24/7 Canada-wide help service is confidential and available in several languages. To access the employee assistance program, members simply phone the call centre closest to them or use our
toll-free number.


Vancouver: 778-370-3885

Calgary: 403-648-2764

Edmonton: 780-665-1108

Winnipeg: 204-272-4252

Toronto: 647-476-3906

Ottawa: 613-667-3196

Montréal: 514-352-2240

Québec: 418-476-5352

Moncton: 506-801-9431

Halifax: 902-442-0796

Employee assistance services

A counsellor quickly analyzes the employee’s situation and then explains the various possibilities available. Depending on the coverage, a certain number of consultation hours is allowed with the appropriate counsellors. The consultations target problems such as:

  • Anxiety (nervousness, stress, tension, etc.)
  • Difficulties at work (conflict, dissatisfaction, etc.)
  • Conjugal and family problems
  • Depression (sadness, despair, etc.)
  • Alcoholism, substance abuse, gambling
  • Financial and legal problems
  • Career shift
  • Physical health problems (obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, etc.)

Company coaching services

In addition, Optim’assist also provides a specific service for employers that advises them and equips them with the best methods to manage a particular situation (physical or mental health problems, attendance problems, interpersonal relationship problems, etc.) with an employee or a group of employees and intervene as needed. This manager and union representative coaching service can often help to avoid having problematic situations deteriorate and lead to a prolonged absence.

EAP Promotion

Promotion with employees is essential for developing and implementing an employee assistance program. In addition to informational meetings, this promotion is carried out using employee awareness posters, distributing cards to employees with call centre contact information and a pamphlet explaining how the assistance program works.

If you are an Optim’assist employee assistance program customer and you want to order promotional material, click here.

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EAP Columns

As part of the Optim’assist employee assistance program, educational bulletins are provided to members. The EAP Columns discuss various health and wellness topics. They are presented in short, one to two page documents. Some of the topics covered include relationship difficulties, anxiety, work-family balance, cholesterol, etc.