Anxiety Disorder Intervention Program

Based on current scientific data and proven facts about anxiety, this program seeks better understanding and management of anxiety symptoms while directly tackling obstacles related to returning to work. Through a cognitive-behavioural approach, we empower the insured to handle his anxiety, which encourages re-entry to the workplace.

Target clientele and selection criteria

  • Experiencing significant anxiety that prevents return to work or showing signs of an anxiety disorder (generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder with or without agoraphobia, social phobia)*;
  • Another psychiatric disorder must not take precedence over the anxiety disorder (for example, major depression);
  • The anxiety disorder must not be secondary to another medical condition or related to substance abuse;
  • Full co-operation from the attending physician and the insured;
  • Requirements related to the position held and the working conditions must favour employee retention;
  • If necessary, in conjunction with our interventions
    cognitive-behavioural psychotherapy can be implemented
    to support the rehabilitation effort;
  • This program aims to increase the level of functionality conducive to returning to work and not the disappearance of the anxiety disorder.

Specific objectives

The predisposing, precipitating and sustaining factors are many and complex in the case of anxiety disorders. Such factors as biological fragility, problematic personality traits, psychosocial and chronic stressors, erroneous beliefs, inappropriate behaviours, poor health practices, work environment, etc., can influence the duration of disability and the worsening of the anxiety disorder. In this respect, the Accalmie program helps:

  • Identify, with various tests, the intervention targets and the insured’s progress throughout the program;
  • Provide real understanding about anxiety and its impact;
  • Provide a variety of techniques and tools to manage anxiety better;
  • Address obstacles encountered upon returning to work and guide the insured to come up with solutions to counter them;
  • Improve the functional level and reach a healthier lifestyle;
  • Gradually refocus the person on updating his professional role.

Terms and conditions

Accalmie is a customized 12-week program (15-week in special cases), with weekly sessions at our offices. During the program, the insured must actively participate and complete various documents at home to enhance the effectiveness of our interventions.

*Exclusions: obsessive compulsive disorder and post traumatic stress disorder