To provide factual information on every insured person’s situation, Optima Global Health Rehabilitation has developed evaluation methods catering to the needs of insurers. These services can be offered within the framework of programs or independently.

Employability Assessment

By means of a rigorous analysis of transferable abilities and of the job market, an abilities and employability profile is developed and used to identify suitable jobs, taking into consideration the person’s professional background and functional limitations. It is especially useful in case of litigation.

Evaluation of rehabilitation potential

This evaluation consists in meeting the insured person at home and, when necessary, contacting the physician and employer. These meetings make it possible to assess the insured person’s needs, to identify obstacles on the road back to active work, and to come up with a customized action plan aiming at full rehabilitation in the best possible conditions and shortest time.

Types of potential evaluation:

  • Regular rehabilitation
  • Early intervention
  • Optim’active, Frontiers or Accalmie

Psychometric Assessment

Psychometrics evaluations use many tests to assess, among other things, the aptitudes, interests, and personality of the insured person faced with professional reorientation (General Aptitude Test Battery (GATB), professional orientation research guide (a.k.a GROP test), etc.).

Rapid Summary Assessment (RSA)

A RSA implies meeting with the insured person at home allowing us to summarily evaluate the situation in the shortest amount of time.

Re-entry evaluation

Following a meeting, this type of evaluation helps to determine precisely the needs of a member deemed able to return to work and to make sure he returns to the labour market quickly, safely and sustainably (for example: career exploration, internship, job search, placement).

Weight loss evaluation

Before starting a weight loss program, a telephone evaluation by a specialized nurse helps determine dietary habits, lifestyle habits, medication, general state of health and motivation to lose weight.