Personality Disorder Intervention Program

Frontiers is a structured individual program which results are backed by scientific studies and meta-analysis. It helps adults with borderline personality disorders develop healthy lifestyles, increase their social role and regain their professional status.

Target clientele and criteria

  • Being afflicted with borderline personality disorder;
  • Seeing a psychiatrist or general practice doctor supporting the Linehan approach;
  • Not being under heavy medication.

Specific objectives

  • Introduction to competency training;
  • Knowledge of the illness;
  • Behaviours to curb and behaviours to encourage;
  • Review of daily self-observation logs;
  • Focus on disorder schemas (Young approach);
  • Introduction to, discussion and practical application of competencies in the global consciousness process;
  • Reaching significant levels of change in relationships, increased awareness of emotional reactions and tolerance to distress;
  • Acceptation of reality;
  • Reduced vulnerability to negative emotions;
  • Keeping a diary;
  • Recovering a professional role within the framework of social participation.


Frontiers is an individual program with weekly sessions at our offices over a period of 12 weeks, with a possibility of 15 weeks in some special cases. During the program, the insured must actively participate and complete various documents at home to promote the scope of our interventions.