Optim’action Ultra

Early Intervention Disability Support Program

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Optim’action Ultra is targeted towards employers who wish to complement services provided by the insurance company, quickly taking charge of disability files for employees who need it most.

It builds upon services offered by the Optim’action program, adding “early recovery” interventions. Hence, the basic disability package is enhanced with specialized tools proven agreeable by insurance companies. This product is available to all enterprises willing to take a proactive stance with this kind of problem.


  • Careful study of the referral form, job description and medical documents;
  • Phone contact with the employee;
  • Discussion with our consulting physician, when needed;
  • Short evaluation report and recommendations;
  • Phone follow-up during the disability period;
  • Phone interventions to advance an appointment, investigation, surgery (medical fees not included), when necessary;
  • Expertise coordination (expert fees not included), if need be;
  • Reinsertion coordination;
  • On-site or phone guidance for the employee and his supervisor, during the reinsertion period, in partnership with human resources.

Coaching the immediate manager

This program includes coaching for the disabled employee’s immediate manager. Contact our team for details!