Physical and Psychological Functional Reactivation Program

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With its customized educational coaching approach, Optim’active/PGAP enables people experiencing pain, fatigue or chronic depression, to control their disabling symptoms, improve their level of functionality and recover their job position.

Target clientele and criteria

  • People experiencing pain, fatigue or chronic depression;
  • People afflicted for a period of over four months and less than two years;
  • A fitting program when no other medical intervention can be undertaken and the disability is constantly prolonged.

Specific objectives

Factors influencing on the persistence of symptoms are complex and vary: physical and social environment, lifestyles, resistance to stress, behaviours, perceptions, etc. The Optim’active/PGAP program is based on a global, yet personalized approach, helping mostly to:

  • understand and better control personal and environmental factors that tend to increase disabling symptoms;
  • improve the level of functionality, quality of life and productivity;
  • diminish pain and/or fatigue, if possible, but mainly helping to regain a feeling of being in control;
  • reinforce self-management skills already present and help develop new ones;
  • gradually refocus someone on the accomplishment of his/her professional role;
  • gradually regain productive activities (voluntary help, onsite training, progressive reinsertion at work, career reorientation, etc.).


Meetings occur once a week for three months. During this period, the insured completes a number of relevant questionnaires and is given a notebook and other informative reading material, such as the Progressive Goal Attainment Program (PGAP), for example.