Early Intervention Rehabilitation Program

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Intended to insurers, the quick rehabilitation intervention of the Optim’assist+ program promises a successful return to work for
short-term disability or when reintegration is imminent.

Optim’assist+ offers an easy transition back into the workforce with the best possible conditions in the shortest amount of time. The program is characterized by a personalized approach custom designed after initial evaluation.

Target clientele and criteria

  • Must retain some form of employment link;
  • A person whose return to work is imminent but at high risk of failure if not properly coached;
  • Someone going on leave, being dealt with early on and expected to go back to work within three months;
  • Are excluded people with a history of periodic stoppages or more severe pathology (severe psychiatric problems, degenerative diseases, severe chronic illnesses).

Specific objectives and method

  • Evaluation within five working days following date of referral including contact with the employer;
  • Specific recommendations (back to work coordination, conflict management, burn-out, addiction recovery coaching, services coordination, psychological support, fitness training, weight control, pain/fatigue management, ergonomics).