Retirement Horizon

Lump-sum Settlement Program for Retirement Beneficiaries

The Retirement Horizon program and the other Lump-sum Settlement services offer insurers the opportunity to settle difficult and long standing disability files once and for all in a mutually agreeable manner.

Retirement Horizon relies on the expertise of people specialized in the study of Canadian and Quebec pension plans, and the use of a patented and legally accepted computer program. Optima Global Health has already successfully resolved hundreds of disability files with 94% ending in a satisfactory agreement for all parties. Hence, by collaborating with their insurer and favouring a win-win approach, a number of insured people have opted for retirement instead of an invalidity status, while increasing their revenues.


  • Combines vast experience in pension plans and disability management;
  • Comprises exhaustive patented computer tools similar to financial planning tools;
  • Integrates a unique system calculating parameters specific to each private and public pension fund (pension acquisition calculations; calculation of the acquisition of the right to leave – taking into account the actuarial penalty; consideration given to the Canadian Old Age Security pension; consideration given to new tax treatments – Tsiaprailis ruling).


  • Combines data specific to each pension fund with data specific to each group insurance;
  • Allows for a rigorous and exhaustive assessment of the right time to enter retirement by calculating the exact pension payments allocated to the participant until the age of 85.