Rx Employment

Job Search, Employability and Career Change Program

The program features an accelerated career change process that includes some testing, as needed. Coaching, support and assistance with the job hunting process enables people with physical and/or psychological limitations to be reinserted in the workforce more rapidly. By the end of the process, they are able to target better-suited employment.

Target clientele and criteria

  • People fit to work
  • People on a short or long-term work stoppage
  • People obliged to undertake a career change, or wishing to make a conscious decision between returning to their present line of work and returning to a different line
  • People able to reflect on their professional future
  • Are excluded: people with unstable medical conditions that can diminish their decision-making abilities

Specific objectives

  • Target transferable abilities by analyzing their professional profile (education, training, experience, etc.)
  • Establish realistic professional goals
  • Create, as needed, a custom training program taking into account requirements, delays, costs and educational facilities that offer the courses chosen
  • Foster self-knowledge


  • Psychometric assessment (checking interests, testing skills and personality), as needed
  • Use of specialized tools (Internet, software, etc.)
  • Information on the job market
  • Letter of presentation
  • Curriculum vitæ
  • Homework
  • Simulated calls to employers
  • Simulated job interviews
  • On-the-job coordination and follow-up, as needed


The sessions are held according to the objectives established and the desired frequency, over a period of 4 to 12 weeks.